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FACHE Credentialing

Becoming a Fellow

Become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) and earn the distinction of board certification in healthcare management!

Fellowship Requirements

Fellow candidates must meet all of the following requirements prior to applying and sitting for the Board of Governors Exam.

Become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) and earn the distinction of board certification in healthcare management!

Fellow candidates must meet all of the following requirements prior to applying and sitting for the Board of Governors Exam.

  • Current Member with three (3) years tenure as an ACHE Member, Faculty Associate, or International Associate. Student membership does not count toward tenure.
  • Master’s degree (or other post-baccalaureate degree). A copy of your diploma or final conferred transcript is required.
  • Currently hold an executive healthcare management position with a minimum of five (5) years of executive healthcare management experience. A copy of your job description, organizational chart and resume is required.
  • Demonstrate 36 hours of healthcare-related continuing education within the last three (3) years of submitting an application (12 hours must be ACHE Face-to-Face education).
  • Two (2) examples of community/civic activities AND two (2) examples of healthcare-related activities within the last three (3) years of submitting an application.
  • Two (2) references: One (1) Fellow reference (must be a structured interview), the second reference may be from a senior-level executive (VP or higher) in your organization, OR it may be from a second Fellow.
  • $250 Application Fee (non-refundable)

* Your Fellow application will remain valid for two (2) years in which you must pass the Board of Governors Exam.

Fellows Speak Up

Nancy Borkowski

I became an ACHE member in 1993 and obtained my Fellow status in 2004. Over the past 25 years, I have benefitted both professionally and personally from earning the Fellow designation.

First, it is recognized both nationally and internationally as the premier credential for those in healthcare management.

Second, it provides vast opportunities for networking with other leaders in the field locally and across the country. This network is central for providing opportunities for shaping one’s career and creating collaborations.

Third, the educational programming afforded to Fellows expands one’s knowledge of the industry and further develops the individual’s leadership skills.

Looking back over my career, I can contribute the Fellow credential for enhancing my career opportunities both within industry and academia. I encourage all those in the healthcare management field to join ACHE with the goal of earning the Fellow designation.

Nancy Borkowski, DBA, CPA, FHFM, FACHE

Professor, Department of Health Services Administration | School of Health Professions, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Keith Parrott

Pursuing, achieving, and maintaining Fellow status with ACHE has been a significant asset to my career. Earning the Fellow designation challenged me early to sharpen my skills, and also sent a message to others that I was serious about my profession. Maintaining my FACHE credential has created life-long learning and excellent networking opportunities that have helped me professionally and personally. Finally, engagement in local chapter activities (both during my time in Houston and here in Alabama) has greatly enriched my professional experience; becoming a Fellow is good, but involvement in your local and national efforts is great!

Keith Parrott, FACHE

ACHE Regent (EX OFFICIO), ACHE Alabama

Zachary Dorsey

Becoming a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare executives provides you with many benefits, and helps advance your career.

First, it provides you with an avenue for continuing education. Attending our sponsored events allows you to interact with professionals from other organizations who are grappling with the same complex problems. It’s always beneficial to continue learning throughout your lifetime because industries can evolve overtime. The ACHE educational events are designed to provide professionals with timely education in order to solve our healthcare system’s most challenging problems.

Second, it provides you with so many networking opportunities. Attending meetings and events allows you to gain access to many of the key decision makers in the delivery of health services. This will allow you to gain very different perspectives, and create ongoing dialogue with other executives. It also affords you a level of  professional exposure that you don’t obtain on a daily basis. Sometimes our jobs are so demanding that we spend time doing so many tasks to steer the ship in the right direction. It’s always nice to chat with another colleague and really dive deeper into the complex issues we face as leaders. I have developed many long term professional relationships directly from my involvement in ACHE.

Third, it demonstrates your commitment to the field of Health Services Administration, and distinguishes you from your peers. Employers have come to realize that those who have attained the FACHE credential are a cut above the rest. They are intelligent, highly-motivated executives who truly enjoy the work, and love to help others.

Zachary Dorsey

Director of Business Operations, UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute